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Marie Papote proposes a range of natural and vegetable soaps, manufactured in Belgium with the best ingredients and according to production methods that have been passed on for generations. The soft foam leaves a refined scent on the skin. The soaps are packed in decorative bags of voile, beautifully finished with bows and dangles. These true lucky charms are the ideal gift on a thousand and one occasions.

It is possible to see the collection online now and you can also order.

Ask us by mail the acces to our shop, with your details and VAT number and we send you the login to our webshop.

For the first order we do not ask for delivery charges.

You push for payement at the end of your order but you only pay effectively after we have checked whether everything is in stock and you have received the pro forma invoice from us by e-mail. After payment your order will be sent.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

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