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1. For the delivery or shipment, our goods must be considered as being purchased and approved.

2. The delivered goods remain our property until full payment by the customer

3. To be admissible, all complaints must be made within 8 days (calendar days) after delivery and this by e-mail with matching photos.


4. The sending of goods always takes place at the expense and risk of the recipient.


5. Our invoices can only be paid in advance, only after receipt of payment do the goods leave our warehouse within 7 working days.


6. All payments are received, subject to the eligibility of previously unpaid bills. Payments are charged on the oldest invoices in date.


7. The buyer agrees that any non-execution of his payment as provided above will be regarded by the sellers as a contractual error art. 1147 of the Civil Code and for which parties agree that Bellimi VOF is authorized to claim damages as a penalty clause by unanimous agreement set by the parties at 15% of the selling price with a minimum of 25 euros.


8. Refusal of receipts, receipts or bills of exchange by the customer brings with it the obligation to bear the costs thereof.


9. The parties agree that the contractual delay interest of 15% is due from the due date of the invoice, without any notice of default having to be sent.


10. By accepting the invoice, the buyer acknowledges having taken note of and explicitly agrees with all General Terms and Conditions of Sale.


11. Only the courts of the judicial district of Oudenaarde have jurisdiction to hear any dispute.


12. Customers who are cash on delivery for non-payment will be charged for the costs that this entails.


13. Postage costs:       in Belgium a lump sum of € 15, unless stated otherwise

14. Franco from € 500 for Marie Papote and Madebyzen together.

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